The glass cleaning process consists of 4 steps:

Bước 1: 

  • Glass cleaning tools include: glass cleaner, 2 clean towels, 1 blade, specialized glass cleaner.
  • Chemical mixing according to the ratio given by the manufacturer or depending on the degree of dirt of the glass that has the right mixing ratio.

Bước 2:

  • Treat the splashes with a blade (if any), then use a mop to absorb into the special blended, wipe the entire glass surface.

Bước 3:

  • Use the glass wiper to pull from top to bottom, or from left to right, to follow the water on the glass surface.
  • Use the first towel to dry the wiper and continue wiping off the glass that has been wiped off.

Bước 4:

  • Use the first towel to wipe the wiper and wipe away standing water from the corners of the glass. Finish: wipe this entire part with a second towel.
  • The second towel is always kept dry, if this towel gets wet, replace it with a new towel and use it as the first.
  • When cleaning the glass, it must be cleaned slowly and meticulously to avoid falling.
  • When observing whether the cleaned glass is clean or not, it is necessary to look at many angles (far view, close look, look straight, look from the inside out from the outside to the inside, …). Absolutely use a clean, dry towel immediately.
  • Glass cleaning as well as cleaning must follow the principle of “top down”

So with the above 4 steps of glass cleaning instructions, you have basically grasped the glass cleaning process for your glass products in your family are always as clean and shiny as when they were first installed.

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