With office work, you cannot ignore the one that always accompanies you every day, not only that, the family common space is indispensable for furniture to gather together especially at night and on days. weekend. However, the chairs at work or the sofa are made of felt and leather, velvet, … Over time, using chalking dirt and food on the chair surface create stains. as well as the unpleasant odor created by surface parasites that adversely affect human health. Therefore, the office chair cleaning – sofas need to be cleaned regularly to repel some skin diseases, providing a fresh, airy working environment, a peaceful living space, on clean chairs. will, cool.

NAM THANH DO SANITARY TRADING SERVICE CO., LTD is one of the leading units providing prestigious, quality office chair cleaning services with modern equipment, and professional staff. providing a strict chair cleaning process to help customers feel secure to use a chair without having to worry about any harm from a dirty chair.

Process of cleaning office chairs:

Step 1: Sort and arrange chairs according to the material to be washed, thereby choosing the appropriate method, chemicals and implementation process.

Step 2: Coarse handling of dirt on the surface of the chair with a dedicated vacuum cleaner, thereby removing stains.

Step 3: Deploy machinery, equipment and chemical mixing for washing. With a team of professional staff and modern equipment will surely bring you satisfaction, along with that we use NAM THANH DO company environmental friendly chemicals with health for customers especially for children.

Step 4: check the black stain treated through a clean one. Removes heavy stains to keep us away from any harmful effects of surface parasites.

Step 5: Clean the entire surface of the chair, thoroughly remove the stains inside.

Step 6: Absorb dirty water on the chair, and clean the chair legs. To remove all stains, absorbing water is a very important step because large stains are difficult to remove, so using a dedicated vacuum will help your chair remove quickly. stains.

Step 7: Dry the chair or blow dry the chair. It can be simple, but here we are very interested in this step because if handled incorrectly, it can reduce the life and durability of the chair.

Step 8: Acceptance test and hand over to customers.


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